Refer a Friend to our CSA!
Receive a $15 gift certificate for each person you refer to our CSA program!

There is no better way to get more people interested in the Clover Nook Farm CSA program than our customers encouraging their friends, co-workers, and family to join! You don't need to purchase a CSA membership to refer others.

When a referral signs up for any of the CSA membership options, the referrer will receive a $15 gift card that may be used at the Clover Nook Farm store.

For example: If 3 people which you refer sign up for a CSA membership then the you will receive a $45 gift card. However, the person who was referred must make sure to mention your name when asked "How did you hear about our CSA program?" when they sign up.

Rules and Guidelines

1. Only the referrer can receive a gift card. For example: Bob tells Joe about the CSA program. Joe signs up. Bob would receive a $15 gift card. Joe cannot receive credit for Bob since Bob was the one that referred Joe. If Joe tells others and they sign up, then Joe will receive a gift certificate for each sign up.

2. In order to receive a gift card, the person who is referred must provide the referrer's name when they sign up (in the "How did you hear about our CSA program?" section). Otherwise, the referrer will not be able to redeem the gift card.

3. A CSA membership is not necessary to refer friends.

4. Gift cards will be available for pickup at the farm store during regular store hours.

If you have any questions regarding this special incentive program, email us at
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