Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program  
We at Clover Nook would like to invite you to join our  CSA program this year! As a member of the CSA you will purchase either a Farmer's choice share or line of credit share. As a CSA member, you will enjoy all of the fantastic products we have to offer over the course of the season.

Clover Nook Farm CSA program is a great way to enjoy healthy, fresh, and local food throughout the entire season at an affordable price and support your local family farm at the same time!

For additional details please read the information brochure and applications below. An example of a farmer's choice share week by week, see the FAQ below. If you have any additional questions please feel free to contact us! Spots are limited, so sign up now!

2017 CSA membership deadline (May 1st) has past!

If you are curious about our CSA program and are considering joining for the 2018 season, more information is below.

CSA Information & Application Forms


2017 CSA Online Signup

Easily sign up for Clover Nook's CSA online using our online store via Square. (click title above to be directed to our online store)

Terms & Conditions

As a Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) member, you will receive a  share of fresh vegetables, fruit, herbs, and other agricultural products offered at Clover Nook Farm over the course of the growing season (mid June-Oct 31st). As a CSA member, you must realize that the quality and quantity of the season’s harvest is dependent on the weather and other environmental factors out of our control. Clover Nook Farm appreciates this support, and in return, we at Clover Nook pledge to provide the best variety of products and quality of service that we can. 

If you are a Farmer's Choice member, you agree that:

  • I will pay the full amount due for my chosen share size by May 1st, 2016
  • I agree to pick up my share each week during regular store hours at the farm on the day chosen below, my share will be forfeited otherwise.
  • If I cannot pick up my share on my chosen day, I will contact Clover Nook Farm at least one day prior to my pickup day to make special arrangements.
  • If I am going to miss a week, I can arrange for someone else to pick up my share by contacting Clover Nook Farm at least one day in advance.
  • If two people authorized to pick up my share, I understand we can only pick our share up once per week and that it is our own responsibility to divide the share.
  • I have read and understand the Clover Nook Farm CSA information brochure and FAQ sheet.

If you are a Line of Credit member, you agree that:

  • I will pay the full amount due for my chosen share size by May 1st, 2016
  • I understand that if there is any credit remaining on my share, it does not roll over to the following year and any credit remaining at the end of the season (October 31st) is not refundable.
  • I understand that the signing bonus credit given is only for this initial payment. If I desire to add money to my line of credit after this application is submitted I will not receive any bonus credit. 
  • If I have two people authorized to use the line of credit, I understand it is our own responsibility to divide the share between us.
  • If I wish to authorize an additional person to be able to use my line of credit I must personally contact Clover Nook Farm.
  • I have read and fully understand the Clover Nook Farm CSA brochure and FAQ sheet.
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